Angus Beef 

Locally raised Angus beef, for us, is more than just a premium steak, it's a family tradition.  This picture shows my grandfather and his Angus herd from the 1960's.  My grandparents were Angus-lovers from way back and worked throughout their farming career to produce a high quality beef.  Our breeding stock is chosen to give you great marbling and large ribeyes.  

COVID-19 NOTE:  Our current stock is limited due to high demand.  We will have more beef products in stock June 1st and will have our full product line available mid-July.  Thank you for your patience!

Angus Beef is easily the most tender and delicious beef available.  Angus beef producers have invested much into making sure you have the best beef experience possible.  They use science and data to allow farmers and ranchers to look at each animals' marbling, rib-eye size and growth rates to make sure your steak is simply delicious.  So if you're looking for a delicious Angus steak for a special occasion or want the highest quality ground beef for your family favorites, see what we have available.

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