We have whole lambs, beef and pigs available throughout the year for custom processing.  More information is listed below.  Contact us for availability and butcher dates.  Typically all processing is done at Santa Fe Trail Meats in Overbrook, but other processing arrangements can be made with advance notice.

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Lamb Processing

Lamb is usually available for processing throughout the year.  We sell lamb by the whole and half and prices vary depending on the weight of the animal and current market pricing.   A lamb's hanging weight is 50-70 pounds.  Our favorite cuts are the 1" loin and rib chops, the shanks, shoulder roasts and leg roasts and then we have the rest ground into lamb burger or cut into stew meat.  There are other options available including a rib roast, also called a rack of lamb, and various other steaks for easier, weeknight cooking.

Pork Processing

Pork is available for processing throughout the year.  We sell pork by the whole pork for $250 and half and $125 for a half plus processing.   A whole pork usually yields 140 pounds of meat, 70 pounds for a half.  Our favorite cuts are the 1" chops, Boston Butt roasts, ribs, bacon, hams (available in whole or half hams or deli sliced) and then we have the rest ground into ground pork or a variety of other sausage choices.  Again, there are many other options available including a loin roast, different thicknesses of chops, picnic shoulder roasts, etc.  You can even ask them to save the fat if you want to try making lard.   


Check the processing guide for more options and information: 

Whole hogs are also available for hog roasts throughout the year.  

Upcoming Dates:  November 17, December 1, 15 and 29.  

Beef Processing

Beef is available for processing in available throughout the year.  We sell beef by the whole, half and quarter.  Prices vary depending on current market pricing and the hanging weight of the animal, but usually estimate $500 per quarter plus processing.   A whole beef usually has a hanging weight of 800 pounds.  Our favorite cuts are the 1" steaks (ribeye, fillets, strips and sirloins), Arm and Chuck roasts, briskets, shortribs and then we have the rest ground beef, usually in one pound bags or patties. Again, there are other cuts available including a few other roasts, different thicknesses of steaks, stew meat and soup bones, etc.  Check out CALENDAR to reserve your beef for fall of 2021 and all of 2022.

Check the Beef Processing Guide for more information: