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Whole Berkshire pork is $375 plus processing, half is $190. See options for available dates. Pork is usually ready for pick up from processing about 2 weeks after drop off date. Pork cost must be paid within 5 days of drop off, processing costs are paid to processor when you pick up.

**For whole/half purchases, we prefer cash or check for the balance after the deposit. If you need to use a card or use another method, there will be an additional $5 for half/$10 for a whole fee to cover our fees.

A whole pork yields approximately 140 pounds of meat, 70 for a half, and are custom cut according to your wishes. Final product weights vary based on how you choose to have it cut. A variety of packaging and flavoring options are available. Pork are processed at Santa Fe Trail Meats in Overbrook, KS. Processing costs are not included and will vary according to cut order and amount of product smoked or needing other processing options. See the cutting guide for pork on our Fill Your Freezer page for more cutting information.

Whole/Half Berkshire Pork Deposit

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