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What Is Prairie Center Meats?

Welcome! Prairie Center Meats is a meat company located in Edgerton, Kansas. Our name came from the little community that started in the mid-1800’s just up the road from where we live. My great-great grandparents lived there, as did successive generations of my family until the community was closed to make room for a munitions plant during World War 2.

My husband, Chad, and I both grew up with agriculture all around us. His experiences were through the 4H program, which led him to getting a degree in Animal Science at K-State. My parents and grandparents were grain farmers with a small beef herd. A life of agriculture led me to get a minor in Agribusiness at Mid-America Nazarene University in addition to my elementary education degree. We’re not just some folks who decides to buy a cow - we have deep roots in our community and in farming. We continue to cultivate this love of farming in our own children and others that cross our path through 4H and our business.

Our Farm

We have specifically chosen the breeds on our farm for meat quality. We raise Angus beef cattle for their marbling, Tunis and Suffolk sheep for a well flavored and meaty chop, Berkshire pork for the overall flavor and juiciness they bring to the table and Cornish Cross chickens for our most tender meat. Our egg laying flock currently is primarily production reds but we also have some Orpingtons, Barred Rocks and blue-egg laying chickens Americaunas. Our son is researching breeds so that we can hone in on one breed to raise and breed. We also currently have a small orchard and garden but hope to grow those in the future.

Our Goals

As a local farmer, we want to provide our customers with the best quality, locally raised meats! You can purchase our meats by:

  • Ordering on our website

  • Purchasing at the Gardner Farmers Market on Thursday’s between the end of May and mi-September

  • Email, call or message us

We provide local delivery or you can pick up from

the farm. We believe there is something different about meats grown on our farm and believe that you will taste the difference. Watch here for more blogs with recipes, meat knowledge and how-to’s and updates on farm life. Thank you for trusting your dinner time to us!

Getting Social

You can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s new and get updates on sales and other specials. Also, share what‘s for dinner from Prairie Center Meats on either social app and hashtag it #eatlocalbuylocal or #prairiecentermeats. We’d love to see how you’re enjoying our products!

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