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We have an exciting new option for ordering our meat and setting up a convenient subscription to keep your freezer full of our delicious locally raised products!


First, choose your bundle size and choose your categories of meat.  


Bundle Sizes:

$75 Fix: 1-2 eaters

$125 Fix:  2-4 eaters

$200 Fix:  3-5 eaters


You can request products for your bundle if there are meats you know you use more often (for example, bacon or ground beef) or if you want to add honey, cheese or any of our other products. Or let us know if you need a specific cut for a recipe you want to try or for an upcoming special meal.


These bundles are eligible for free delivery in our delivery area. We will send a reminder email the week that your bundle order is due with re-order and payment information. Your subscription will also include items like free products and seasonal recipe, in addition to early access to products like steak, free samples of new items and discounts on sale products in the future.

The Farm Fix Subscription

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