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We have been farmers in one way or another for our entire lives! Our current farm is located 1/2 mile from where my husband grew up, 1 1/2 miles from my childhood home and approximately 3 miles from our meat company's namesake - the town of Prairie Center.  We have deep roots in this area and are proud to now be able to provide locally produced meat and eggs to our neighbors and community.  We have chosen our livestock breeds based on production and quality, so that you can have the best eating experience possible.


Our family strives to give back to our community through avidly supporting local 4-H programs, sharing our products with organizations that provides meals for the homeless and food insecure and serving in our local church. We love visitors and would love to give you a tour of what we do!  Contact us to come check out our piece of paradise and to get your hands on some premium meat and eggs.

Here's a link to a blog post that tells more about our roots and connections to the area.

About Us

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